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Get a fully-staffed team of Android app developers, ready to make industry-defining products for you. Dhruv Digital knows the industry. As an Android app development company, we keep an eye on market trends and the latest surveys. The development of Android mobile apps requires less time and resources compared to iOS apps. This fact allows us to build mobile applications faster and you spend less money on them. Android have wide audience around the globe. Nearly 9 out of 10 smartphones (worldwide) are powered by Android OS. By making an Android app, you’ll get access to the biggest mobile market and let your brand reach a wider audience. We help founders and entrepreneurs create applications that are being used by millions of users on a daily basis. Throughout the years we have successfully completed numerous large and small scale projects covering almost every corner of the world and industry. We designs and builds digital products for forward-looking companies by leveraging advanced technologies and frameworks. Whether you’re looking to build a product from scratch or need help from a team of experts, we’re here for you. We build and maintain superb mobile and web apps that engage users and meet business needs.

Dhruv Digital develops applications for Android smartphones and tablets! We determine exact requirements and develop the structure of your application. The code is based on Android recommendations and Material Design guidelines. Skilled managers optimise business mechanisms and processes and track app development. A Project Manager estimates developers’ and technical resources to create a product in the most efficient manner at the affordable cost of app development. Designers will make your mobile product not only beautiful and intuitive, but easy to use and navigate. At the stage of user experience and interface designing your visual concept turns into-developed interfaces prepared for the work of programmers. We develop apps’ front-end and websites that help our clients to solve their most complex business challenges. Our solutions are efficient, flexible and easy to maintain. As early as on the stage of conception, our Android app developers are focused on creating a customised solution to meet specific needs. We design and develop scalable engines for mobile and web-based solutions using various technologies

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Achieve better business results with beautiful and scalable Android apps.Grow your business with the right mobile solutions. A successful mobile app combines three aspects in a smart way: market, user and the product itself. All these factors need to work together to give users a unique value, great usability, and good performance. With the right tools and methodologies you can be sure that your product is well-built and well-fitted to the market need. Achieve your business goals with mobile app development. Combine business objectives, and technological solutions in a smart way to achieve better results. Make app that attract and retain user attention. A perfect mechanism of a well-crafted system architecture and code quality is what you can expect from top mobile products. Use the best practices and most adequate technologies to speed up the app development and provide the best possible experience to your users. Build intuitive, easy-to-use applications that attract and retain user attention. Mobile development is an ongoing process of a constant, iterative effort to make your product better and better. Devices and technologies through which users interact with your product will change so as your users, their needs and behavior. Make sure you have the right tools, and battle-tested methodologies to face these challenges. And never stop the process.

Why to create an Android app?

Online businesses never prefer to restrict up to mobile-friendly website development, but love to go beyond it and try to offer exceptional user experiences with Android app development. Android apps are winning over the other mobile OS platform in several respects. With the advent of technologies, computing devices have changed overall scenario of the world. With the introduction of high-tech mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets, businesses have seen newer opportunities in terms of audience and sales. Today Internet is accessible on the mobile devices. The mobile apps are offering exceptional user experiences to win the hearts of e-commerce shoppers. The mobile devices like smartphones are penetrating heavily year-after-year. In 2014, 1.57 billion smartphone devices sold in the world market. It has risen steadily from 1.86 billion in 2015 and 2.1 billion in 2016 to 2.32 billion in 2017. It has made mobile application usage significantly high for businesses including e-commerce. However, mobile operating systems are not the same on all mobile or smartphone devices. There is a vast fragmentation existing. For instance, Apple Inc. offers iOS platform, Google supports Android OS, and Microsoft reins on Windows Mobile/Phone platform. Android apps are in huge demand nowadays as they are updated with latest features, they have lot of advantages which attracts more and more users. Lots of things have become easier using android apps. Well, in today’s world almost everyone and everything is digital. You name it we have it all, We got social media to connect with our loved ones, We have Uber for cabs, Amazon for shopping and many more.

Android has the majority of the mobile market share. Developing an Android app will allow you to reach the widest user base possible. Using the Java and Kotlin programming languages allows our experienced team to build beautiful and scalable apps with top performance. The variety of functions served by native libraries allows to leverage the capabilities of the newest Android smartphones. Third party libraries allow us to speed up development and concentrate on the business value of the project. Native Android applications are mostly written in Java. You should also get to know RxJava, which lets you build asynchronous and event-based programmes by using observable sequences. Google’s Android team announced that Kotlin is the officially supported language, so now you can choose between Java Android and Kotlin Android. You have already analysed your business idea, you’ve selected the right technology, you’ve decided which services and APIs you will be using, you’ve planned the project in terms of Project Management, and you even have the designs ready. What’s next? Even if you aren’t a technical geek, there are some things that you should take into consideration at this stage. The things you should think about are a version control system, tools such as Continuous Integration and Delivery Platform, and a system for logging and crash reporting.

Apple App Store as iOS App Marketplace Google Play Store as Android App Marketplace App Store has its strict rules and restrictions when it comes to uploading your app to the store. Google Play gives you more freedom. The iOS app developers have to sign up on Apple Store by paying $99 as an annual fee. Google Play Store takes one-off payment of $25. Apple App Store takes a couple of days for approval. Google Play Store clear approval stage rapidly. App Store has a high chance of rejection with obscured reasons. Play Store hardly prove irrational in approval.

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